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Property Law

We Provide comprehensive legal guidance in property law matters in India. With our specialized knowledge and experience, we offer expert consultation services in due diligence, disputes, conveyancing, and landlord-tenant matters.
1.Due Diligence: Our firm provides in-depth due diligence services to assess the legal and financial aspects of properties in India. Our team conducts thorough investigations and examinations to verify property titles, ownership, encumbrances, permits, approvals, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Through meticulous analysis, we help identify potential risks and legal issues associated with the property, ensuring you make informed decisions.
2.Disputes: When property disputes arise, our firm is here to guide you through resolution processes. Whether it's boundary disputes, breach of contract, eviction, title conflicts, or construction-related conflicts, our experienced legal team assists you in negotiating, mediating, arbitrating, or representing your interests in litigation. We strive to protect your rights and achieve fair and favorable outcomes.
3.Conveyancing: Our firm specializes in providing seamless and efficient conveyancing services in India. We assist you in the legal transfer of property ownership by preparing and reviewing crucial documents, including sale agreements, deeds, and transfer documents. Our meticulous approach ensures compliance with legal requirements, smooth property registration, and proper payment of stamp duty as per local land registration regulations.
4.Landlord-Tenant Matters: We understand the complexities of landlord-tenant relationships in India. Our legal experts offer comprehensive guidance on lease and rental agreements, addressing issues such as rent control, security deposits, eviction procedures, lease renewals, maintenance responsibilities, and dispute resolution. We ensure that your rights as a landlord or tenant are protected, and any conflicts are resolved in compliance with applicable laws.
At Tulja Legal, we pride ourselves on delivering client-centric services tailored to your specific needs. Our team of skilled and knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to providing accurate legal advice, strategic solutions, and proactive assistance throughout the legal process.